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MarkWW 02-01-07 07:49 PM

Track Bags
What does everybody use to hold all their cogs/chainrings/tools/etc.?

The only track bag that I've been able to find is the EAI one. Does any other company make one?

CafeRacer 02-02-07 07:06 AM

The EAI one is based off an old school suntour one that you still see a few of a big race. Last big race I went too every other person had an EAI bag. Very handy for keeping your rings and sprokets orginized. I find it doesnt have as much tool space as needed but carrys the essentials no problem. (whip, couple wrenches, chaintool, alan keys, cone wrenches) The feature I like is you can use some toe straps to hook it up to a fence-rail in the pits or off a EZ up tent. At the end of the day you just zip it up and go home with all your stuff still orginzed and not floating around in your kit bag.

I am The Edge 02-02-07 09:40 AM

is there a link to purchase or see one of these bags?

peterm5365 02-02-07 10:55 AM

You can buy it there. They are way overpriced in my opinion, but what isn't.

bitingduck 02-02-07 01:02 PM

Yeah, I was too cheap to buy one so I had to wait until I won one in a race. I do really like it though. Minor quibbles:
I'd rather have more space for chainrings and less for cogs
It's a hair too short for my lockring wrench (I don't use lockrings, but I carry the wrench in case I encounter one)
I'd kind of like one more pocket for a spare chain.

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