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mrwhite 02-04-07 03:40 AM

Sid Patterson GP : Photos
HEre's some snaps I took from a local race meet. Local and international riders featured, $10 to watch!

classic1 02-04-07 05:15 AM

Top stuff. Great pic of big Dean Taylor barging into Adrian Hansen.

I took a mate from work - first time he's seen the track cycling - and he loved it.

mirona 02-04-07 06:48 AM

I can just feel the speed in that last photo. Very nice.

ed073 02-04-07 03:44 PM

Mark French in the kieren final.

What a dill.

classic1 02-04-07 04:31 PM


Originally Posted by ed073
Mark French in the kieren final.

What a dill.

+1. He rode like a dill all night. Got stitched up in the derby big time.

531Aussie 02-04-07 09:58 PM

Did you see this happen at the Old Sid?

classic1 02-04-07 10:22 PM

Yep. First race of the night on about lap 2. About six riders came off in a motorpaced race. There wasn't enough pace on, riders were 3 or 4 wide and someone must have fallen over the wheel in front.

Must be about $1000 of useless carbon there. :D Should post it on the road forum. alanbikehouston will have something to spout off about.

531Aussie 02-04-07 10:26 PM

I have put on the road forum :p

What did it hit for that to happen?

classic1 02-04-07 10:27 PM

Nothing. They just all fell over. Nobody got hurt or hit the inside barricades or the ballestrade that I could see.

531Aussie 02-04-07 10:30 PM


Originally Posted by Classique
Nothing. They just all fell over.

WOW! Maybe a pedal in the spokes?

Here ya go; flame the carbonphiles who've spent $3000 on some Zipps :p

Kennedy reckons they're not round

classic1 02-04-07 11:19 PM


You shtstirrer.:D

I've smashed normal aluminium rims at least as bad as that, although I did hit the deck pretty hard.

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