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ultraman6970 02-12-07 10:30 PM

Diff. between miche primato and sugino 75?
HI... anybody have riden both crank sets? which is the stiffer one? campy record are stiffer than these two?


fixedpip 02-13-07 05:58 AM

One thing else to figure in is that the Miche's are 135 bcd, which makes it a little harder to find good chainrings (but only a little).

Love Sugino 75s, had no problem racing them (never rode the Miche's). Also race old campy pista cranks and notice no difference in stiffness between them and 75s (am skinny git though).

daybid 02-13-07 03:06 PM

So I just bought some Sugino 75s, but not with a 1/8 chainring, it came with a 3/32. I was unaware that they made chainrings for the 75s in that size, or is that a fake one i have.

(the reason I bought them was because I am using a 3/32 chain, so everything else I wanted to match up)

ultraman6970 02-14-07 06:32 PM

thanks i was just asking to figure it out which set i might like to keep... I got a set of sugino 75s and they look good but not as good as the miche ones. I have used the miche ones and they are fine so far but I wanted to know before installing the sugino ones.


CafeRacer 02-15-07 07:02 PM

I had sugino's before I got my Dura-Ace. They are stiff, I only switched out because I could'nt get the 75's in the size I wanted at the time. Not only stiff they're very low profile so straps dont rub off them, they also use a standard BB so you could use a loose ball set up with can be made to spin faster than a cartridge. They're also 144bcd not another silly size that limits you to one chain ring manufactur. When in doubt consider that the world records for the 200m, and the Kilo were done on Sugino 75.s

ultraman6970 02-17-07 02:04 PM

I didnt know that part... well the miches look good as i said before for wonder how those 75's ride... i'll put them some day I think... thanks cafe :)

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