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brunning 02-20-07 01:00 PM

deep vs in matte black
where would one get them? does velocity make them, or must they be powder coated?

fixedpip 02-21-07 07:58 AM

Veloctiy's website shows you can get annodised or painted versions of Deep Vs in Black. I'd imagined the annodised black rims would be closer to matt black than the painted (which are definitely shiny).

On this website they look quite matt:

But I'd ask in the Single Speed/Fixed Gear forum as so many folks there run Deep Vs.

lemurhouse 02-21-07 09:16 AM

I've got a wheelset with black anodized deep V's. I ordered 'em on the web from IROcycles a year or two ago. Inexpensive at +/- $300, but the formula/IRO hubs are so/so. Wheelset is very stiff and great for general riding and training but you might to upgrade for racing. I like the rims for what they are.

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