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thegunlap 02-28-07 01:57 PM

Cheap Track bikeÖ
My plan is to buy a nice frame and then build the bike up with some cheaper parts so if I really get in to racing I can just up grade the parts. Iím mostly concerned about the wheels. Where can I find a cheaper set of track wheels that will be able to hold up?

dutret 02-28-07 02:30 PM

cheap enough?

The real question though is why don't you just purchase a cheap complete bike?

thegunlap 02-28-07 09:34 PM

Well one I get a pretty good deal on frames/ parts. But all the wheels I could order seemed a little pricey. 2. Thatís the way I have really done it since I was 14... And why would I want to buy a cheap frame??? I can use the cheap parts that I replace on other bikes. What will I do with a crappy frame I donít want?

So let me rephrase my original question? What are some good cheap track wheels that will still hold up?

tjsager 02-28-07 09:48 PM

Mavic Ellipse only 450 new.

San Rensho 03-01-07 10:13 AM

Not to dissuade you from your plan, but if you are just starting off on the track, as I am, I suggest a Windsor track bike form bikesdirect for $300 shipped. Can't get any cheaper than that and the bike is pretty good for the money. Good steel frame, 165 mm cranks, short wheelbase, medium steep angles.

The only thing that you really need to add are good clipless pedals.Or if you want to use the toe clip pedals that come with it, just a good steel toe clip and some good straps.

dutret 03-01-07 12:01 PM


Originally Posted by thegunlap
So let me rephrase my original question? What are some good cheap track wheels that will still hold up?

I believe I answered that question for you.

Seriously though if you aren't sure if you want to race on the track get a cheap complete bike(new or used) and then sell it next season for almost as much as you paid for it. Unless you are getting a ridiculous deal this will be much much cheaper then your plan and you won't be stuck with a pile of junky parts that are hard to unload.

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