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kyledr 03-03-07 11:37 PM

Dura Ace High Flange 36H Hubs
Anyone know where I can get these (not for $300.. yikes!)? They're the 7600 series with the black sides.



11.4 03-04-07 01:20 AM

Euro Asia placed a big order for 7600 hubs a while back and convinced Shimano to make a production run of the hubs. The order was for fairly mundane hubs, mostly 32 hole and some 36, but as far as I know they're all single-sided. If you want double-sided 36-hole, the prices are still up there. I have a couple extra pairs I'm not going to use that I got when I thought they were going to be $400 like C-records; if you want a pair, I'd sell them for what I paid at the time ($245). Business Cycles has them for $279 right now, down from about $349 about six months ago. This batch of hubs was a one-time-only event and as they are sold, prices will be going back up again. Euro Asia trickles out a few of the double-sided hubs and various odd drillings along with the others, but they try to keep prices up as high as possible. Great hubs, though.

531phile 03-04-07 01:38 AM

I think I have the low flange ones of the same vintage. how much do these go for nowadays? I just have the rear

CafeRacer 03-04-07 09:26 AM

Good luck finding a set of 7600's for cheaper than listed on the web. I got lucky when I scored mine on a serious connection. Well worth the money though. If you take care of them they will last for ever.

11.4 find yourself some ceramic balls for your hubs.......wowzers!

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