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dthomp1231 03-20-07 11:37 AM

New to the bike world
Hey guys, I just bought a 2007 Motobecane Messenger, it should arrive today, can anyone tell me if I should start with the fixed gear or the freewheel first. I'm not a beginner at biking, I've ridden through manhattan, just never owned my own bike. If I could get some opinions on good upgrades, brands, anything to help me get started in this world that would be excellent. Ever since I rode through traffic in manhattan and crossed over the williamsburg bridge I've been in love with riding. Thanks, dthomp1231

dutret 03-20-07 11:54 AM

go to the single speed fixed gear forum...(seriously, you will get more answers to your questions then you want.)

ultraman6970 03-21-07 08:36 PM

2007 Motobecane Messenger??????? what is that? jezzz :p

ps: just kiddin :)

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