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VeloDüd 03-23-07 05:50 PM

New Portland Velodrome
So, it looks like some people are finally being serious about building a new velodrome in Portland, OR. With Alpenrose deteriorating and the fixie/track seen on the rise here in Portland, I think it's about time. Even one of our state senators is sponsoring a bill, Sen. Jason Atkison, that would use Parks and Rec. funding for the project. The bill is intended to create two new velodromes- one in Portland and the other in southern Oregon. Here's a couple of links:

Portland Velodrome Project-
Oregon Senate Bill 926-

andre nickatina 03-24-07 08:40 PM

Alpenrose is deteriorating huh? I rode it for the first time the other week, it was empty and super fun. I was running a street gear ratio though (49x19) which wasn't so ideal for the track.

VeloDüd 03-25-07 03:12 AM

Deteriorating it is. It is certainly ridable, even for pros like at the AVC (Alpenrose Velodrome Challenge). But the problem is its overall condition. Water seeps through every crack each year and creates bubbles under the paint, which then creates very slippery or dangerous spots. Repainting hasn't been a permanent solution and the bumpy surface is anything but smooth. Don't get me wrong, I love Alpenrose. I'll definitely be racing there this year. But the only real solution for Portland is something under cover, even if Alpenrose is it. We need something that suits the weather as well as the changing social atmosphere. There are bound to be more and more trackies in Portland as time goes on. We'll most definitely see more of those hipster "Alleycat racers" with cards in their spokes.

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