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DC Bruz 04-02-07 02:02 AM

Track Cycling in Australia
Victoria, to be more specific.

Just wondering how one goes about getting into Track Cycling down here?

Any half-decent clubs around? Is bike rental an option?


oldsprinter 04-02-07 07:52 AM

You're in Melbourne? Victoria on the whole is a bit of a mecca for track racing. So many tracks, so many great riders. BUT, I only know Sydney and Adelaide well. All I can say is, whereever you are, there'll be a track near you, and a good club.

Give Cycling Australia a call or email and I'm sure they'll point you in the right direction.

ed073 04-02-07 09:10 PM

you'll need to join a club to start track racing......go here:

DC Bruz 04-02-07 09:29 PM

I'm already a member of SKCC but as far as I know they don't do track.

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