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Non-Fiction 06-16-07 08:44 AM

Show Off Your Track Bike Pics (retired)
The folks over at SSFG have a show your fixie thread but those are mostly converted road frames. Can we get a Sticky Thread where we can post our Track Bikes? Track bikes are hands down the sexiest of all bikes . . . let's post them up!

Tom Stormcrowe 06-16-07 02:24 PM


FigBug 06-16-07 10:41 PM


mrwhite 06-17-07 07:09 AM

Currently being repaired after getting slammed in the Austral Heat.

atomsuite 06-18-07 08:39 PM

Aww what the heck. Here's my race bike and me in pain riding it (trust me, that's not a smile). Track photo courtesy of treesquirrel.

atomsuite 06-18-07 08:41 PM


Originally Posted by llalagen
am i missing something? is this bike not a conversion? if nothing else the breaks and saddle bag would move it over to the single speed/fixed gear photo thread... that is unless i'm delusional and don't know what i'm looking at.

Looks like a fun bike for sure but I agree, it's not a bike to be ridden on the track.

scotthorrigan 06-18-07 11:09 PM

here is my beauty. such a perfect fit. good for a small fella like myself.

the seatpost is temporary, replacing it with a silver thompson elite.

Since ridden on the track, the stem was brough up 2 inches, it was just a tad too low for me.

moki 06-19-07 12:08 AM

the green one is up for grabs, btw. details in the ssfg for trade thread

oger 06-20-07 04:46 PM

my pretty girl. I don't do her justice, but she makes me feel like a real boy racer!

lotek 06-22-07 01:10 PM

Cleave 07-02-07 10:25 PM


Haven't been here for a while. Here's mine:

An eclectic mix of old and new parts.

CrimsonKarter21 07-06-07 09:25 PM

It's not hi-zoot. It's not fast. It's definetely not pretty.
I hate the geometry. I hate the looks. I hate the frame.

But I'm fast and that's all that matters. This bike took me to some good victories. It's a loaner from my coach, a Giant Bowery with upgraded components. Soon to be replaced with an Erba (NJS for the hipsters) steel frame that I'm getting through a trade

Pictures from 7-Eleven Velodrome in CO during Junior Track Nationals this week.

First year racing, 5 times on a velodrome.

diff_lock2 07-07-07 11:20 AM


Originally Posted by atomsuite
Looks like a fun bike for sure but I agree, it's not a bike to be ridden on the track.

Or is it?

j/k of course.

CrimsonKarter21 07-08-07 06:48 AM

I just picked it up yesterday, it's an Erba pro-keirin frameset. The racer that had this used it as his "road bike" and drilled brake holes into it, which will be gone soon. Also, when me moved from Japan to Detroit, the bike wasn't packaged so great and the axle hit the downtube, making a ding.
New Paint, new decals and all of my track stuff is on its way. I want so bad to see that this badboy looks like with a Zipp disc.

Noestaencasa 07-11-07 11:40 AM

this bad boy is waiting for a set of 48H track wheels and it will be complete for training on Major Taylor.


Lectron 07-15-07 08:04 AM

I've been away for a few weeks, and leaving again today.
I managed though to take a few shots of the latest upgrade.

Pics are clickable

CafeRacer 07-15-07 04:37 PM

LEctron: I train under a fellow who still rides his Raleigh team bike. His has some UCI rainbow action on it though.

CrimsonKarter21 07-17-07 10:34 PM


Originally Posted by CafeRacer (Post 4859112)
LEctron: I train under a fellow who still rides his Raleigh team bike. His has some UCI rainbow action on it though.

You don't happen to be from Indy, are you?

Stodawg 07-18-07 09:51 PM

My Pista
1 Attachment(s)
Welcome guys!
here is my track bike

Gary Fountain 07-20-07 10:15 AM

60's Hillman - Australian track bike. Cinelli stem and bars. Stronglight cranks with Williams inch pitch ring. Airlite green annodised hubs. Brooks narrow (butchered) B17 saddle.

Waldo 07-21-07 04:27 PM

This is a little somethin' I finally finished putting together. Now I can add it to my collection of other bikes that are entirely too nice for me and get ridden entirely too infrequently. Our head wheelbuilder added his special touch when he built the rear for me; I can now see the allure of unlabeled deep section rims after seeing the front on the bike.

DW, it's John at Zipp. Are you going to be able to talk Nate into hitting Major Taylor?

game 07-21-07 08:56 PM

Noestaencasa 07-22-07 11:35 AM

I forgot about this one... ;) Who said I couldnt do lugs?


CrimsonKarter21 07-22-07 04:00 PM

That's a sharp bike, luckily, I saw it up close and personal at a Thursday night race at Major Taylor when DW showed up. Wish I could put that much $ into a track bike, but I get all of my stuff out of luck and favors.

Gary Fountain 07-27-07 06:32 AM

An Australian built frame. Serious seat stays. Zeus Ti BB, cranks and seat post. Campy hubs. It's a great bike to ride.

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