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knifehit 09-22-07 12:35 AM

Ablocco Track frames info
I just bought an aluminum Ablocco track frame made of Dedacciai T6 Energy tubing. I'm having a hard time finding any info about it. any help?

ultraman6970 09-26-07 08:14 PM

where did u spot it? I saw one in ebay like 6 months ago i believe. Well the only thing i know is that the brand is quite prestigious and the factory is quite small, thats why are hard to find. Regarding finishng, are between the best ones, i bet your framke looks made of one AL piece, right?

post a picture dude. I have a friend in brasil that has a ablocco road frame brand new (aluminum as yours).


knifehit 09-26-07 10:35 PM

Information on these guys is hard to come by. I heard the shop that produces them closed a few years ago.

Yes, the welds are buttery smooth...really clean. I'll post photos soon.

knifehit 09-26-07 10:42 PM

Oh, and i got it from a guy who found it on ebay a number of months ago (maybe the one you saw). He built it up for a friend who decided to go with a road bike instead. lucky me:D

ultraman6970 09-27-07 07:07 PM

That bike was sweet. Just my size lol... wanna trade it? :P

knifehit 09-29-07 07:14 PM

pre-build. woooo hoooo!

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