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Dubbayoo 11-09-07 08:49 PM

New Build Coming Up
About a month ago I decided to get back on the track so I've been looking for used/cheap frames to build up. This can be the best or the worst time of the year to go looking for frames apparently. I already had bar, stem, post and saddle so I was looking frames under $600. After seeing whats out there I came up with a short list of frames I wanted.
  • Raleigh Rush Hour Pro - Awesome bikes; rock solid for sprinting; rarely sold. I only saw a 55 for sale complete and I just wanted a frame.
  • Van Dessel Drag Strip Courage - Low top tube; good for sprints and TTs; never for sale used and I missed out on a dirt cheap complete build. Amazon was offering a nicely appointed build, normally $1800, for $1,000 but I waited too late. No more new frames til next March at least.
  • Fuji Track Pro - Popular; good all-arounder; often for sale but I couldn't find my size. A lot of these get converted to street fixers.
  • Flyte Sortie - I missed out on two of these on Ebay. The ones bigger than I needed went for $200-300 so thats what I wanted to pay. However the two in my size went for $425-430, which was more than I thought it to be worth even new. Odd mix of alloy w/carbon chain/seatstays and the top tube was a bit short. Nevertheless I was bummed about missing out on both.
  • Bianchi Pista Concept - Was on a shop waiting list for one but they still haven't showed. A female racer had the size I wanted but she wouldn't sell the frame alone. I had picked up Cane Creek Volos tubs on Ebay so I didn't want another pair of wheels (plus I'm buying some used Zipp 404s from a guy)

After 4-5 weeks of striking out I was starting to get desperate. I didn't want to wait for 2008 models because I wouldn't have it til Feb/March at least. I started looking at Tiemeyers for $1,200 and resigned myself to paying more than I planned.

Just yesterday a 52cm 2005 Fuji Track Pro came up and I bought it within 20 minutes of the guy posting it online. $425. I bought another pair of shoes so I can use different pedals, a Silca Super Pista pump and some Conti Sprinters for training. I still need a crankset and gearing choices but that will have to wait til my Xmas bonus. This will actually be my 3rd track bike but first in about ten years. I can't wait.

Pics of the parts next week.

zzzwillzzz 11-09-07 10:27 PM

why not use the same type of pedals that you use on the road?

CrimsonKarter21 11-09-07 10:30 PM

Nice, go with the Dura-Ace crank FTW.

bonechilling 11-10-07 08:48 AM

That's great, we have twin bikes. I also just got a 2005 Track Pro, 52cm. I haven't had a chance to race it anywhere than just with my friends at the track, but it's noticeably stiffer than my last bike, or probably any bike I've ever owned. It's also shockingly light, less than 15 pounds.

I was really happy to find it for the price I did, because last year, an eBay seller was blowing out 2006 completes for $600 on eBay, and I very much regretted not picking one up then. So instead I got a 2005, which I think looks better, with a bunch of upgrades (only stock components are the cranks), for less than that, and it's barely used.

Dubbayoo 11-10-07 02:49 PM

I will probably go with a Sugino crank and ZEN rings. If I want black I'll get the 75 or the Grand Mighty if not. I am buying high end parts because I will likely go with a carbon or custom alloy frame after a year and transfer all the parts to that.

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