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kytyree 11-17-07 07:26 AM

Surly Fixer on Renn Disc?
Has anyone tried the Surly fixer on a Renn disc to try and make a rear track disc out of it? and if so how well did it work?


Boss Moniker 11-17-07 08:48 AM

I just set one up on a HED lenticular disc yesterday, and the chainline was something like 47mm or 48mm. If you can get your chainline to match, then it works just as fine as a track hub with lockring, though it might be a little heavier.

EDIT: scratch that, it was originally 53mm or something, but I flipped my cog and now it's down to 46.6mm, which is within 0.6mm of my chainring. So I'm happy.

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