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splasher78 11-23-07 02:56 PM

Nitto B125s with 58 or 65 degree drop stem?
I am coming close to completion of my track build. Just wanted your opinions on which stem is less extreme? The nitto jaguar steel stem in 58 degree drop or the 65 degree drop with B125's. I mean is there THAT MUCH of a difference??? Will the 65 drop be slightly more comfortable since the angle is not that extreme? I will be using the bike for the street and occasional track (when it starts getting nicer here in nj/ny). I just don't like the steep drop of the 58 degree jaguar. Had it once for about a month on my fixed conversion with B123's and swapped it back for the original quill stem (pearl copy). If there is not at least a marginal difference between the two options, I'm thinking of just doing away with the jaguar (in either drop angle) altogether, and getting the more 'relaxed' nitto pearl. But then will the pearl stem be suited for the track? I know that there are njs pearls out there. Do alot of racers use the nitto pearls for the track?

11.4 11-23-07 03:09 PM

You get 1-2 centimeters of extra drop with the 58 degree stem, depending on its length. That's a pretty good amount. There's 2 centimeters' extra drop between a B123 and B125, for comparison purposes. There's nothing wrong with a Pearl or other level stem if it fits you best.

In racing in this country, a majority of the bikes are now threadless so choice of quill stem is irrelevant. In Japan, there is often a requirement to use steel stems, so the Jaguars are the only choice. On the other hand, that's keirin, which only lasts a few minutes. When track riders here in the US use quill stems, they most commonly are riding older European frames and will be using level quill stems. When I go to most tracks, it's unusual to see a Jaguar unless some road fixie rider is trying out the track.

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