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terrors 01-10-08 07:38 PM

carbon wheel
i have a Cinelli carbon fibre wheel that came with a track bike i purchased last year. i have regular track wheels and don't forsee using this one. can somebody give me an idea of the value of this wheel, it has a fairly new tubular on it.

Dubbayoo 01-10-08 10:28 PM

ask on

bonechilling 01-10-08 11:12 PM

$2-$300 on eBay, I think. It should be a bit more desirable than an old Hed disc, or what-have-you, because it's track specific and all.

nateintokyo 01-11-08 07:54 AM

probably $5-800 in Japan

bonechilling 01-11-08 09:52 AM

Shows what I know!

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