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amorrow 01-14-08 05:24 PM

Converting a disc wheel
Can anyone tell me if it's possible to convert a hed front disc to be used for the rear? I've searched around and can't seem to find an answer.

mezza 01-14-08 06:55 PM

Ummmmmm, its possible, but I wouldn't do it.

The front disc would be built and rated differently to a disc back wheel. I reckon even if you could do it the torsion placed on it would break it.

amorrow 01-14-08 07:17 PM

I thought that might be true, but apparently HED trispoke wheels are interchangeable.

bonechilling 01-14-08 09:15 PM

Do you have a picture of it? If it has threading anywhere on the hub, I think it can be done with a Hed track axel conversion kit.

Boss Moniker 01-15-08 06:54 PM

A surly fixxer with a HED rear works perfectly, although the chainline is greater than 42mm.

amorrow 01-16-08 12:47 PM

Have you done this? I got a reply from HED saying this was not possible, but they didn't really explain why. I'm curious if it's a problem of structural integrity, the complexity of modifying the axle, problems with the chainline, etc.

Boss Moniker 01-16-08 03:30 PM

As I said in my PM, please note that I'm not talking about a HED front.. I used a Surly Fixxer with a HED rear and for my application it worked perfectly.

Another suggestion: you might want to find an older disc wheel on eBay that takes a thread-on freewheel. You can thread a cog right on (but no lockring.. so only use this on a track where they aren't strictly necessary). Some even have track threads on the other side. I saw plenty between $150 and $300 when I was searching several months ago.

Merdaccade 01-30-08 02:26 PM

would a surly fixxer kit work on this?

InternetDisease 01-30-08 03:18 PM


Originally Posted by Merdaccade (Post 6078875)
would a surly fixxer kit work on this?

no, that has a threaded-freewheel, and the fixxer only works with freehubs. you can remove the freewheel and thread a track cog on, although you'll probably have a less-than-perfect chainline.

trevor_birba 02-12-08 05:04 PM

I didnt figure a new thread was needed, so i will resurrect.
I just bought a hed disc rear, Does the surly fixxer work on all rear heds? or is it just some years?
Before I buy a surly fixxer i would like to make sure i can do it. Thanks.

bonechiller 02-13-08 09:08 PM

It all depends on which disc you bought. Post a picture and we can tell you.

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