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patric 02-13-08 05:53 PM

i need forks with less rake, any reccomendations?
i've been riding a 61cm fuji track for a while now, and don't feel i need to step up yet to a better frame, but i would like a little less rake with my fork, (or forks).

i was just wondering how i go about knowing what size i may need? do i just take them off and mesure the length that goes through the frame? and diameter or what not?

and any reccomendations on a good set? some of my friends tell me not to go carbon on this. i don't think i abuse the bike, but i do enjoy riding a few wheelies and hopin around a litttle on it.

rmwkokomo 02-13-08 06:03 PM

It only has 40mm of rake stock - why do you want less?

patric 02-13-08 06:27 PM

it's an 06 track, not a track pro, just to make sure there's no confusion.
but like most of the time, i rode my friends mercer, which i'm almost positive had less rake, and it felt good. sitting at lights was easier to balance. if i was messin around and riding backwards, it was twice as easy. it just feels more direct.
and we have basically the same stem dimensions, so i don't think that was it.

rmwkokomo 02-13-08 10:42 PM

I looked at the Fuji site for the details on the 06 Track. It shows the 06 as having a 1" threaded fork but does not list the fork rake or the head tube angle. The 08 Track has a different fork but does show rake (40mm) head tube angle (73.5 degrees).

A true track bike generally has a steep head tube angle and a correspondingly low rake on the fork. Assuming that the 06 geometry is the same as 08, your Fuji Track really has the geometry of a road bike with a slightly steeper fork - it is aimed more at fixed gear street use than a track. It looks virtually identical to the geometry of the Mercier Kilo TT track bike.

More rake gives you less trail, less rake gives you more trail. In general, less trail will give you faster steering and more makes it slower. If you want to reduce rake (the result would be a slower handling but smaller turning radius) you can look for a 1" threaded fork with 35mm of rake or less. Not sure where the best place to acquire would be - forks with 38mm rake are readily available but you probably would not notice that small of a change.

The Singlespeed and Fixed sub-forum might be a better place too ask.

Lennard Zinn (VeloNews Tech Editor) has written a lot on the topic of rake & trail if you want more background.

A cautionary note - the Fuji website may not accurately reflect the fork on your bike - it would be wise to verify the above before buying a replacement.

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