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jtfix 02-19-08 05:21 PM

Knolagable about Track frames? Ever seen anything like this?
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I picked this 49cm frame up a wile ago.
Before the new colour it was metalic cherry red with "Eddy Merckx" and "De Mayo" details.
Although i wish it were, I'm positive it's not merckx. I don't think they ever made steel lugless track frames?
I'm pretty sure It's Columbus tubing from the dropouts and the lugs on the forks.
The seat stay bridge is very uncommon, flat and no way of attaching a brake.
Has anyone seen a bridge like this before?

jtfix 02-19-08 06:17 PM

If anyone can help with IDing I'd be greatful!

CrimsonKarter21 02-19-08 09:46 PM

I wish I could remember which frame it was that I saw that had a bladed stay like that, but I'm pretty usre it was aluminum.

comradehoser 02-29-08 10:20 PM

I would post this over in Classic & Vintage for a positive ID.

I think you're right about the Columbus. The fork looks like steel Columbus forks I've seen. Stick a magnet on it to see if it's aluminium.

From the looks of it to me, it looks fillet-brazed, so it very well could be (probably is) an older, probably higher-end Merckx frame.

Since it's a pure track bike, no brake would get hung there anyways. The rear "brake" bridge is just structural, if anything--same reason the Bianchi pistas all have undrilled bridges.

In any case, it's a beautiful bike. I really like the paint and the track ends.

jussik 03-01-08 06:31 PM

Looks good but IMO the brown color looks like poo...

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