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serge163 04-02-08 01:39 PM

100% noob questions
I've been riding fixed for like half a year. I'm not into the hipster bull****, i'm in love with the speed and the i love not being able to coast. So I've been investing in a ride. I have a capo, not too much done to it but i'm putting a wheelset on it when I get paid. So i figure I have the resources and pretty close to Hellyer, why not race the thing? So I want to know:

a) Is road gear acceptable track gear?(helmet, clothing)
b) Do I need a coach?
c) How did learning go for you guys?
d) Anything I should know other than what's written on the next about beginner track cycling?


The Carpenter 04-02-08 04:27 PM

a) For the body, yes. Same stuff you ride the road in is good for track.
For the bike, some yes and some no. It depends on ALOT of factors.

b) At this point in the game I will say no. What you need is an instructor. Someone to teach you to ride the track. Most tracks have beginner classes....TAKE SEVERAL then ask what training session you can start riding in. I would avoid "open" training sessions to start with, you need the structured learning of an orginaized session.

c) I started back in the '70s at the age of 13 or so. All I really remember is I had fun and did what I was told. When my daughter started she had many people along with myself helping her. Different people will give you different info/ advice, take it all in and find what works for you (unless it's a rule or something like that).

d) Don't be afraid to ask questions, especially the ones that you think are dumb. And don't get ahead of yourself, just worry about learning the things that relate to where you are currently in your riding.
For example, don't start trying to learn tactics for points races before you are comfortable riding in a paceline and in a pack......riding in a pack on the track is alot different than on the road.

Pay attention and you will have a blast.

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