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velo 11-27-03 05:51 PM

Super Mario to race the track?
Rumor has it that Super Mario is thinking about racing the track again. It even says on, I believe, that he might try to go to Athens for the pursuit. Will he do it? It would be great for track cycling if he would, I think. :)

fore 11-27-03 07:16 PM

i'm not sure his ego will fit inside the velodrome.

Racing Aardvark 12-02-03 05:58 PM

didn't we hear the same noise last year? or was it the year before?

fore 12-02-03 10:27 PM

considering the olympics are held once every four years i dont think we heard any of this noise for at least that long :)

JustsayMo 12-04-03 08:59 AM

He said the same thing prior to the last Olympics too. I don't think he made the team...

Racing Aardvark 12-08-03 09:07 AM

I'm pretty certain he made noise about racing pursuit at the World Championships just a couple years back. Did a couple tests and then nobody heard anything more.

velo 12-14-03 05:34 PM

I found this over on

Cipo on the Track

The mayor of Oppido Lucano has put at Mario Cipollini's disposal that city's new velodrome to assist him in his Athens Olympic training - the cement velodrome has features identical to the Athens velodrome, including 40 degree curves. The local venue also has amenities conveniently located. (

miles305 07-31-04 06:41 PM

super mario raced on the track years ago. Graeme Obree actually raced him back in the day. every time i hear people rag on him for dropping out of grand tours before the mountains, i always remind myself that he's built more for high intensity 4 min races.the guy can produce 1900 watts! he's built for the track.

Joe Gardner 07-31-04 07:14 PM

So will he be at Athens?

Guest 07-31-04 10:57 PM

I hope so! He's awesome, and I was sorry to see him drop out. He's all lip service to me when he claims he'd like to finish a Tour de France, so I just don't even put stock on that. However, I could see him racing the track! Of course, they would have to give him a late start time, since he would need that extra time to do his hair juuuuuuuust right.... :D :p


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