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na975 01-19-04 01:57 PM

want to buy a track bike
im new here, i saw an ad for a bianchi pista 2004. is this a really good track bike to train on?

OneTinSloth 01-19-04 04:59 PM

it's not the best, but it'll do you right for training and riding around town and stuff like that.

fore 01-20-04 12:26 AM

if there's one thing i've learned from the short amount of time i've spent track racing it's that you can win lots of races on what others consider a **** bike.

there's no hiding behind fancy high-zoot components on the track.. not unless you're racing timed events anyway. it's really more about skill and tactics.

velo 01-26-04 06:42 PM

It's a great bike to train and race on for a beginner/mid-level track rider.

Racing Aardvark 02-10-04 06:37 PM


Originally Posted by fore
if there's one thing i've learned from the short amount of time i've spent track racing it's that you can win lots of races on what others consider a **** bike.

Damn skippy. The last time I was at the track in the Springs, everyone was getting all nostalgic about my ages old beat to crap Jackson. That beat up bike still got me 3rd in the omnium that night.

MCMVIIX 07-14-04 04:27 AM

a good bike for about $1,200 complete is the Fuji Pro Track model, its got an aluminium frame and decent components. I've owned the Bianchi track bike in its all black incarnation (its now chrome), as well as the Surley Steamroller and while they are good beginner bikes, they were a bit too flexy for me. The fastest bike Ive ever ridden was a red KHS track bike with a HUGE sloping top tube and a lot of toe overlap. This bike is very compact but sold as a frame only for about $400 I think. You can contact Gene Spicer (a really good guy who's made a custom bike for me) at www.spicercycles. If you guys are into high end track frame/forks, check out LOOK's all carbon frame, I believe its around $4,000 for the f/f. ps. I live in Japan and I currently ride an old GT Track bike, in my opinion the coolest trackbike ever made for under $700. If you got the dough, a Merckx or Colnago track bike is HOTT, with the LOOK being in the superbike catagory.
-exMessenger Mark

Litespeedy 08-03-04 10:26 PM

I am a beginner to Track but almost ready to buy a bike and the candidates are...

1.Cannondale Track 2003
2. Bianchi Pista
3.Used (The track season is almost least here in Washington)
3. Step up to the next most expensive model in either Cannondale or Bianchi. (Fuji Pro is about the same $)

Everything else seems to draw criticizims such as bad components or "flexy".
People on the forum are looking to buy too. If a group of people agreed and bought the same bike from the same dealer could we get a discount??? Where??? to be riding in Japan. I have read that track racing is huge in Asia. As big as Sumo in Nihon.

abuckeye04 08-04-04 03:10 AM

i don't race track, but have the 04 pista, which i ride for school, errands, and whenever i need to get my mind off of something. well really whatever excuse i get to ride... it's a really nice frame, and i love riding it, but there is a bit of chain noise...nothing much, and when the chain is lubed it's nearly silent.
soon i'll be moving near a track, and i hope to try some velo events...i'm sure this bike is more than a match for me as a beginner.
imo, thumbs up for the bianchi for the price. i would have liked to build up a soma frame but couldn't justify the expense. probably will build my next one, or just change components on the bianchi
good luck

Litespeedy 08-04-04 11:45 PM

Thanks Buckeye,
I went to the Velodrome tonight and watched the Cat 3 and 4 races. Saw several Pistas. Talked to one of the racer/owners and he really liked it. I might be an owner...some great used stuff out there too though!
The Bicanchi seems like a great value. Other bikes in this price range seem to need upgrades of components. The owner I spoke to said he had only swapped out the bars with a set from
It was really exciting to watch the races. I saw my teacher from the required Velo-classes kicking butt.
It was cool to see the paceline break into a spread out sprint at the finish!

JeStOnE 08-07-04 12:09 PM

2004 Bianchi Pista is a great bike to start off with, its not super expensive and its pretty well made. I have one that I bought just over 2 weeks ago, I like it very much, some of the parts could be better but for 550+ tax it comes pretty well equipt. Its also a very good looking bike, I've gotten lots of compliments riding around. But get it and get it fast if you can there back ordered to hell, I had to call 15 places and only one place was getting them in with any decent timeline.

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