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Sphereworks 09-14-08 05:43 PM

Manchester Velodrome in Virtual Reality
Hi All, My first post here - Hello :)

We have just produced some interactive panoramic images of the velodrome in Manchester. They should be going up on the velodromes website soon but you can view them at the following link

You have the choice of viewing the images in either Flash 9, QuickTime or DevalVR. Flash is probably the most suitable to click on as most computers have it installed. Would be great to hear what you think of them.

Best Wishes,


enjoi 09-15-08 02:45 PM

thats really cool, How is that done?

Sphereworks 09-15-08 05:33 PM

It's a number of photos stitched together, in this case 6 around, 1 above and 1 below. If you look on our news page, on the right hand side there is a link showing some photos I took for one of our local news papers - at the bottom of that page I've shown how the images are created.

Last we spoke to the velodrome there was talk of getting one of these images with the TeamGB cyclists in it, would be good if we can get it !! :) Also we hope to get a shot suspended from the roof or on a pole to get the camera in the center of the space - that would be a great shot.

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