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afi823 09-16-08 11:35 AM

Track bike upgrade

I currently have a fixed gear specific commuter (Kona Paddy Wagon) that i use and am thinking of putting on upgraded track specific parts (144 bcd cranks, and drop bars) to make it track specific. I ride the track in San diego and use their rental bikes - bianchi pista - which is solid but if i spend the money i want something better.

I like the geometry of the bike, it feels solid to me. i am jsut unsure if i should spend the money on this frame.....or purchase a track specific bike?

can anyone please let me know a few good choices for track bikes - i am in the price range of the bianchi pista concept frame...about 500-600 for frame and then price of other parts of course. i am just wondering what is a good track specific bike that will last a while - bianchi pista concept, Fuji track pro, cannondale??
this bike would be my track only bike and not ridden on the streets.

btw I am 5/10 205lbs and ride hard and aggresivly.

Any help would be great.

Thanks everyone.

afi823 09-18-08 09:24 AM

can anyone help me out?

im sure you guys have favorite bikes and know why you like them!! :)

im interested now in the fuji track pro. the Felt TK2. Bianchi Pista Concept.......I KNOW there are others but i have noo idea where to look, i dont even know other brands that have track bikes comprable in quality and price to these i listed. cmon guys help a newbie out!


carpediemracing 09-18-08 11:58 AM

I'd check (or .org or whatever).

I'd also check socalracing, see if they have anything.

I'm also thinking upgrade, but since I am not taking this too seriously, nor am I some track superstar, nor do I feel the track justifies too much equipment, I'm just going to buy a standard off the shelf bike, probably in the $1000-1500 range. I'll put my own wheels on, pedals, seat, bars, stem, and call it a day. Oh and 'ring and cogs. lol. Okay, so I'm buying a frame, crank/bb, headset, and a post. Okay, I may just buy a frameset.

I'm looking at the '09 Jamis Sonik (sp?), it just looks cool with the aero tubes and all. Plus it's track specific geometry. Not sure what else is out there but figure it'll all be out there at Interbike and that's next week.


zzzwillzzz 09-18-08 01:27 PM

can't go wrong with the felt. the jamis is good too, just harder to find. the pista concept is good as well. if you choose and aluminum frame just make sure it has the steel inserts at the dropouts. the ones without can get worn down from all the gearing changes as you retighten the nuts on the rear axle.

i'll be at interbike next week and see if there is anything new

rensho3 09-18-08 06:13 PM

If you are going to buy a bike, and you have been riding at San Diego for a while, the question is, what do you want to do. Are you a sprinter, a pursuiter, or just want an all arounder.

I have always like the felt for a low cost all rounder. It comes with everything you need, and they hold up well. Once you decide whether you really want to get into it, then consider a good pair of aero wheels with tubular tires. I know SD will eat them up quickly, but that way you can go an ride at ADT with no problem.

NorthWestDork 09-19-08 10:34 AM

Recently I bought a new 2007 Fuji Track Pro complete for $675+tax from Performance bike. Was such a deal I bought two (one for tark, one for track).

At first I wanted a Pista Concept, but after seeing frames go for $600+ on eBay, the Fuji Track Pro complete was just a better deal. With the 2009's coming out soon, the 2007's are cheap and the 2008's are starting to be heavily discounted.

Ive come to really like the FTP much more than my normal Pista. Sure, the FTP is much stiffer and you can feel more vibrations of the road, but its not that huge of a deal. Though one of the biggest factors is that the FTP fits me much better than my Pista ever did. Always be sure the fit of the bike is good for you, and dont just buy it because its a good deal or looks good. Though, in the end youll want something that meets all of your criteria from performance to cost and asthetics.

octopus magic 09-19-08 01:15 PM

675 for a 2007 Track pro? That's a SMOKING deal. I'd buy two for that price too!!!

Also, the Fuji Track Comp has the same old frame as the 2008 track pro, more or less.

The Carpenter 09-19-08 04:57 PM


Originally Posted by rensho3 (Post 7498661)
then consider a good pair of aero wheels with tubular tires. I know SD will eat them up quickly, but that way you can go an ride at ADT with no problem.

You don't need aero wheels or tubulars to ride ADT. The rental bikes at ADT are stock Felt's. They seem to be holding up very well.

bitingduck 09-19-08 11:23 PM


Originally Posted by The Carpenter (Post 7504916)
You don't need aero wheels or tubulars to ride ADT. The rental bikes at ADT are stock Felt's. They seem to be holding up very well.

Seconded. There are cheap clinchers that work fine on ADT (all the rental bikes have clinchers) and plenty of nice clinchers that will work fine there, too. I usually train on 36 spoke box rims (tubulars, because I like the ride better, but sometimes on clinchers).

As far as track bikes, I usually recommend that people look for a used one for their first bike. You can save a bit of money on the frame that you can spend on a few extra chainrings and cogs, and get a feel for what you might want in a bike for not a lot of money. Since street fixed gears got popular used track bikes aren't going quite as cheap as they used to, but there are still deals floating around.

rensho3 09-22-08 03:26 PM

It is true that you don't "need aero wheels or tubulars" to ride at ADT. However, the guy is looking to upgrade. If he buys a good bike that works at SD, he will be able to train on the same tires at ADT. However, if he wants to race someday, he can upgrade the bike he is thinking of getting with better wheels. And by the way, while the cheap tires on the Felts at ADT work just fine, having riden both those, and my race wheels, I much prefer the feel and stick of my Sonderklasse tires. I just feel faster and more in control if going slow on the bank.


bitingduck 09-22-08 07:40 PM

fair enough. you just gave the impression that tubulars were a requirement for riding ADT. I prefer nice tubulars, too.

efficiency 09-23-08 12:21 AM

What cranks and cog do you have on there now? I would just put on the drop bars, change the chainring and cog to a track appropriate gearing, and then just try it out.

I believe Masi makes a track frame in that price range, and Trek has a bike (T1).

San Diego Velodrome Swap Meet is on October 19th. Maybe you can try to find a deal there.

afi823 09-23-08 12:05 PM

i have it setup with a 48/15 . i just need to throw some drop bars on for the track. the bike is rather heavy and it is street geometry. i can tell with the pistas for rent i can see less than half the front tire while on the saddle, but with my bike i can see much more of the front tire, not sure how much this effects track riding but it seems that it has much more slack and would be less efficient. i dont know if this matters much but i am leaning towards a track specific bike - and WOW the 2009 Jamis Sonik is absolutely beautiful. i plan on checking out the swapmeet for sure. i would really like to TRY out some bikes on the track before i buy them, not sure if that will happen..

rensho3 09-23-08 06:02 PM

Biting Duck,

Sorry if I gave that impression. Not that I re-read the post, it does look like that, which was not my intent. My wife and I both train at ADT for the most part on clinchers.


acorn_user 09-23-08 06:20 PM

I think I would buy a Cannondale Capo and then sell off a lot of the build kit to someone that was building up a fixed wheel bike or conversion. You could then put on track cranks and other parts and still have some money left over for extra chainrings or cogs. The frames look really nice in person.

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