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skeem 09-17-08 07:18 PM

campy c record crank question
i just won a very cheap campy c record track crankset on ebay- it was very cheap, im kinda nervous but i think itll be ok. its just used. but i was wondering whats the smallest sized 144 bcd (im pretty sure this is what campy takes) chainring i can get for a reasonable price (lets say under 60)? also, sorry if this is a dumb question but im kinda new at this stuff.

paulkal 09-18-08 07:09 AM

The smallest ring for 144 mm is 41 teeth:

skeem 09-18-08 08:12 PM

i know that, i meant prectical stuff, like names. also, if you know any bb's that will work with these cranks that arent the record pista $115+ bottom brackets please let me know. im trying to get bb and chaining for under 150 so its not easy. i figure the chainring ive had my eye on, sugino messenger zen 44, is about $65

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