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ssssamuel 09-23-08 05:12 AM

Vintage lugged track frame (help!).
Hey guys, can you help me to identify this frame?

There aren't a lot of defining features about it, so may be a stretch, but thought I'd try anyway.

- Reynolds 531 tubing (stamped very faintly under down tube).
- The letter 'E' is stamped on the bottom bracket.
- Drilled dropouts (front & rear).
- Slotted bottom bracket.
- Pinned and lugged.
- This is located in Australia, so could be Australian but for all I know there's as much chance it's not.
- Was ridden by Nick Hollingworth and Chris Michaelidis (Australian track cyclists from 80s).
- Needs a paint job (which is part of the reason I'm trying to identify it now - I may try and track down some decals).


Also posted in the classic & vintage forum. Thanks!

queerpunk 09-23-08 05:28 AM

i can't doublecheck this due to not having great photos available to me, but a lot of the details look like similar to this McBain. not a whole lot of info on that McBain, either, but it was bought from fyxomatosis. Although one guy at Kissena speculated that the McBain was a repainted Raleigh.

ssssamuel 09-23-08 05:34 AM

Thanks a bunch, will have a look into McBain's. This frame looks quite similar to the Raleigh Gran Sports and the Grand Prix, but it's not either, have looked into it.

queerpunk 09-23-08 06:44 AM

No problem.

I doubt you'll find too much more info on McBain, but Andy at Fyxomatosis would be the place to go for more info.

ssssamuel 09-23-08 06:49 AM

Previous owner had apparently already spoken to Andy about this, and he has seen me riding it before, and he didn't know it. Will keep searching.

G piny parnas 09-29-08 10:35 AM

Le juene ; could be a bertin--- feeling french?

bicyclridr4life 11-13-08 09:15 PM

Cinelli maybe?

ssssamuel 11-28-08 11:49 PM

Anybody else got any ideas? Still trying to work it out...

DARTHVADER 12-17-08 04:50 PM

mcbain is probably likely.

Gary Fountain 12-31-08 05:44 AM

Interesting to see a 2 plate fork crown on an 80's frame. Why 80's? The bottom bracket looks like it is from the late 70's / 80's era and the rear spacing looks tight.

I wonder if the 'E' stands for English threads?

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