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Ebero 11-10-08 08:04 PM

Help a noob w/ 1st frame

I'm finally ready to scrap my converted road frame for a track bike. I've been riding singlespeed/fixie for over a year now and really loving it. From everything I've been reading it seems like the next step in this love affair is to pick up a decent track frame for the more aggressive geometry.

So here's my dilemma, I've got a friend that works for a bike parts wholesaler that can get me a Soma Rush frame for below wholesale cost. Or I could just pick up one of these inexpensive Motobecane Jury frames online for about $100 less. Just from looking at the price I'm sure the Soma is the superior frame but is it really that big a difference overall? I'd imagine there really isn't that large a performance gap in the low-end frames but I have to admit, I really don't know much about track bikes yet.

Any help/info would be super guys, thanks.



octopus magic 11-10-08 10:24 PM

Ask this in the ss/fixed gear forum, you'll get better help there.

FWIW, If I was strictly riding on the street, I'd do a Jury and put huge tires and low (high 60's to low 70's) gearing on it and spin my little legs around all day long.

superstator 11-11-08 01:37 AM

The Soma is closer to having real "track" geometry; the motobecane looks like it's got pretty standard road angles.

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