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lynxion 09-18-09 04:21 AM

Frame size help !
First post so go easy on me :)

I Have got my eyes on a Dolan track champion now that i've finally got the funds together.
However I'm in need of some help on what size frame to get.
I usually ride a 54cm frame on my rode bike, but have always felt this was abit big.
Im 5'7
and about a 32' inseam.
ive been riding a 52 cm fuji for abit and that felt pretty comfortable, i just want to make sure i get something im not going to hate riding.
And i know the best solution would be to just go and try out the different sizes for myself however theres no Dolan dealers anywhere near me.
Any Advice would be great, cheers.

MGtrack 09-18-09 06:05 AM

Big in what way, long top tube? That's a common problem.

Typically, most people use a track bike that is 1cm to 2cm smaller than their road bike. But check and compare the geometries of them both.

lynxion 09-18-09 09:02 AM

Actually yes. you've hit the nail on their head there. I think it is the top tube thats abit to long.
I found a formula to calculate frame size not sure how accurate it is.
remeasured my inseam to get 31".
31x2.54 = 78.74 (conversion to cm)
this is the calculation
78.74 x 0.67 = 52.7558
everything seems to be pointing towards a 52cm frame.
just want to be really sure before spend the cash :)

MGtrack 09-18-09 04:32 PM

That sounds like it might be close. But there are other factors as well. I have long legs and arms and a short torse. I ride a 55cm on the road. Most of my track bikes are 52-53. My most recent track bike (See the Planet X thread) is a 54. I checked geometries available and that was the best fit vis a vis seat tube & top tube and also knowing track bikes have steeper angles than track bikes.
One other factor is that I point my toes a bit throughout my pedal stroke. Which means I have my seat post a bit higher, but compensate by having my steer tube cut higher.

From what you're saying, I'd think 52 is the right size. It's really easy to swap out stems for lengthe and rise/drop. Most bike shops will let you do that for no charge as long as the stem is not scratched etc. so you can really dial in your fit.

FYI, I like the Dolan Track Champion. Used to see a lot of them at Calshot, Herne hill and Manchester when I lived there.

Good luck, post pics of the new ride!

formerbrit 09-18-09 06:55 PM

From what you've said, the 52 would seem to fit. I agree with MG, most people ride a 1 or 2 cm smaller on a track bike.

lynxion 09-19-09 05:20 AM

Cheers for all the help :)
52cm it is then.
heh hopefully ill have it by my clubs next trip to calshot or herne hill.
previously i was a pure roadie but started track riding at the beginning summer and im hooked!

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