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brendan rocks 09-21-09 06:37 AM

technical question - teschner track pro.

apparently i need a seatpost with about 30mm of setback for my teschner track pro. the custom one that comes with the bike has no setback. any ideas, anyone?

eurotrash666 09-21-09 09:33 AM

larger frame? longer stem? different saddle?

i think i recall teschner carrying different posts on their site. although by teschner's measurements, the post is already set back from a standard tubeset. the spider is centered on the post, but the dimensional center of the post is at the widest part, which is forward about 20mm from center.

i like my teschner. my chief complaint about the post is that i needed to buy longer bolts to get it to fit my fizik saddle, since the rails are oversized a little bit.

unisk8r 09-21-09 04:43 PM

Quite possible the aero posts from the Aerowave or the Tempest might help; they have a bit of setback.
Otherwise go on the Teschner site and ask them if they offer a true setback post.

woodduck 09-21-09 06:28 PM

yeah mate, they did make a setback post. Not sure if it's 25mm or 30mm though?

I know 2 people with the setback post, of the top of my head.

Some of the more modern saddles come with longer rails too, I guess it depends if you use an older steel rail saddle or already have a modern one.

brendan rocks 09-24-09 03:19 AM

thanks everyone for your replies. i just bought one from teschner with 25mm setback. a different seat - with longer rails - should take care of the rest.

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