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juggler9 10-12-09 11:23 AM

Thoughts on this frame
Any thoughts on this frame set?

TejanoTrackie 10-12-09 12:41 PM

I think it is the same as this:

All I know is that a local national and world champion masters woman has one and likes it. I have no direct experience or opinion.

Quinn8it 10-13-09 12:15 AM

Also being sold in SoCal as "ParkPre"

There are a bunch of them on the track at ADT.. I was asking about them tonight and feedback was good.. But there is an issue with the seat clamp. I think ParkPre is adressing it..

sideshow_bob 10-14-09 05:20 PM

I've got one, branded as a Hillbrick. Seatpost clamp design isn't great, I shimmed the post and used some carbon prep, haven't had an issue since.

It's a stiff frame (I'm in the largest size which I think is 57cm tt), probably better suited to short events than say points or madison. Having said that I rode mine in the World Masters Games scratch (10km) this week and will do it again with the points as well next week in the Masters World Champs.

Best frame ever? No. I still want a BT. Best bang for the buck? Absolutely.

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