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Blackguyrides 02-15-11 09:57 PM

Sram - omnium track crankset
Hello all,

So I'm new here and found this forum through some research on things in the past few weeks. So I come from the BMX world and decided to leap into track bikes as well. I decided to go with a State Bike CO complete bike. It was in my price range even thought it may not have the greatest parts. Anyway to the question... I wanted to buy the SRAM - OMNIUM TRACK CRANKSET and wanted to know if the bottom bracket it comes with will fit my frame. On the state bike co website it says the bb is 68x103mm. Does this mean anything? It came with sealed cranks but they suck and I'm a pretty big guy and want something stiff. The Omniums seem to do the trick after all the reviews I read about it. Can anyone help me with this? I plan to call up State Bike Co in the morning and ask them about it but I wanted everyones take on it here. Thanks and all help will be greatly appreciated.


carleton 02-16-11 01:05 AM

I'm a big dude, too. I like my Omniums. I'm sure that the BB shell on the frame is a standard size and the Omniums will fit fine.

Lots of BMXers do very well on the track. Welcome!

Blackguyrides 02-16-11 09:17 PM

Thanks for the kind words man. Yea I've been riding BMX since I was 16 and took a break from it about a year ago, I'm 26 now. I've been wanting a track bike for a while though and finally got one. I rode this morning at 7am till about 9am just pedaling wherever the bike took me. It was a blast and I love it. I run a front break since I can't skid on it. I actually tried and busted my a$#. I really just love the speed of it. I wish their were some local velodromes around. Yea I'm definitley going to get these cranks.

chas58 02-17-11 10:49 AM

Yeah, it was entertaining learning how to ride fixed on the street, when there is so much muscle memory in being able to coast. For some street riders, its just not worth the effort.

Try practicing the skidding on grass. With some practice, the muscle memory would be there and ready for the street.

Even with good braking skills, I tend to run a front brake (on the road) unless I ride only in an area with very open visibility. If I am in a congested area, I never know when someone is going to come darting out of a blind spot.


Blackguyrides 02-17-11 12:02 PM

Yea I totally run a front brake too. I was just trying out the skid on pavement and just fell down first try. I don't think I'll be doing it on the pavement for a good time until I learn in the grass or gravel pavement first. I'm from NY and will be riding to work in NYC so I need that brake for extra security as our drivers in the city are crazy.

Kayce 02-18-11 07:18 PM

Do you have plans for riding at kissena? Its the velodrome in queens. This section of the forum is specifically for track racing, there is a seperate part for fixed gear riding on the roads.

Since you have a bike and have already raced(and enjoyed it I assume) I would strongly encourage you to at least go out and give it a try. Kissena is great track for people to learn how to ride, its got mellow banking and not as high pressure as some of the other tracks around.

Blackguyrides 02-22-11 10:41 PM

I received and installed the cranks. I went for a good 4hour ride on the bike and man these things are super stiff. I actually felt that I was able to pick up more speed. Maybe that's just me killing the road though lol. I bought them off Ebay for $169.00 with free shipping. I got the chrome cranks set.

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