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vladuz976 03-06-11 07:59 AM

rear wheel choices
I just built a front wheel.
Mavic Open Pro with Hoshi spokes on a Dura-Ace 7600 hub.
I use the bike about 3 times a month on the track for hobby events, and also daily to commute to work. So I wanted a machined wall for the front brake. That's why I decided to get the Open Pro.
No brake on the rear wheel.
What rim would be a good option in the same price range?

Squirrelli 03-07-11 05:34 AM

I tend to like bikes with matching wheelset, even for track bikes. My opinion would be get another Open Pro.

Or you could get the CD version of Open Pro.

vladuz976 03-07-11 07:05 AM

I was thinking of a wheel without machined walls, since I am not running a brake in the rear. But I guess having a machined wall anyways doesn't hurt.

mxs 03-13-11 05:22 AM

cannot help with your question, but curious to know what track you ride at? Is there actually anything in the vicinity of Shibuya?

vladuz976 03-13-11 05:27 AM

30mins from
shinjuku. Tachikawa.

although right now track riding is the last
thing on my mind…

TWD 03-13-11 08:46 PM

best wishes to you and all those impacted by this great tragedy. be safe and look forward to the better days to come

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