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rrotello 03-15-11 07:58 PM

Griffen Bike, How much is this worth?
Can anyone give me a price on this before I drive to Crenshaw

(Sorry about the second post)

TLCFORBIKES 03-15-11 08:08 PM

The price quoted is good. Wheels are cheap trainer wheels. The better question is -- Does it fit you? It is a TT bike. Is that what you are looking for? Manufacturer is out of business.

rrotello 03-15-11 08:11 PM

It is my size,but if i hate it will I be able to sell it and make my money back. What might be an exact price.

TLCFORBIKES 03-15-11 08:21 PM

You are asking a question that will only be answered when you resale the bike and what the buyer will be willing to pay. The current owner says that the bike is new. The price you are willing to pay is ...? If you sell it later -- you may get the same or a little less if you do not build the bike up. If you build & ride the bike - then you will probably loss more money. Like I said earlier -- $250 is a good price but it is a no longer manufactured frame. No warranty. Sometimes you take a chance.

carleton 03-15-11 08:32 PM

TT bikes have a different geometry (seat tube and head tube angles) than road or track bikes. The seat tubes are more upright and the forks are more slack. It's a slightly different ride. But being that there is not fork, you can buy a standard road fork (I'm not sure if this will help the steering, though). Then you gotta ask, is it a 1" or 1 1/8" steerer?

This bike will take a good bit of work and/or money to get rolling. Looks like you need:
- Fork
- Complete crankset
- Rear derailleur that matches the shifters and cassette
- Shifter cables
- Labor to tune install and tune it all

If you plan to make it a fixed gear, it will be difficult with the short vertical dropout.

This does not belong in the track forum. This thread belongs in ROAD or TIME TRIAL.

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