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bottom-bracket 10-30-04 05:58 PM

so, me and my small/college town crew want to build a velodrome without sinking thousands of dollars into it. anyone heard of grass or clay velodromes? any other ideas would be rad.

pitboss 10-30-04 06:39 PM

place to start for grass track:

bottom-bracket 10-31-04 04:45 PM


Litespeedy 11-01-04 08:56 PM

This is so cool...
I have been trying to push efforts to build a roof over our local cement velodrome. Your idea is another option for any community to try.

Hellcrown 11-02-04 01:34 PM

Hey, just for funsies google search "human powered roller coaster". It's a wooden deathtrap that should be in everyone's backyard.

pitboss 11-02-04 05:54 PM


HereNT 11-02-04 06:51 PM

Is that the same one Joe wants to build?

tjsager 04-08-06 12:43 AM

Does anyone have pics of the "human powered roller coaster"

I did a google search and found references to this but couldn't find any pics

ZappCatt 04-08-06 01:05 AM

That one?

tjsager 04-09-06 09:29 AM


Richard Kennedy 04-09-06 04:24 PM


Originally Posted by [165]
place to start for grass track:

Interesting article :) one comment though, Martin (the author of the article) is more familiar with the Scottish grass track scene than he is with the English races. Points races, pursuits and team pursuits are in fact very unusual races on the grass track. Scratch races, elimination races, sprints and handicap races work much better on grass tracks and are the races that are most commonly held.

For anyone interested in setting up a grass track there is a useful section in this pdf DOCUMENT which was produced by British Cycling a few years ago.

(Incidentally, the picture in that document of 4 riders going round a bend is of Victoria Pendleton, several years before she became World Sprint Champion. Vicki's father is an ex-national grass track champion and Vicki started her cycling career on grass tracks:) )

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