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mcafiero 04-29-11 10:37 PM

Track racers run 1/2 marathons?
I'm debating whether or not I should try to get back into track racing. I have my bike (Gios pista) all set to go.

I know the only way for me to find out how I'll do on the track is to just get out there and race again (will be 35 this summer, used to race at the Velodrome as a Junior). Back then I was a bit timid, but I think I'm a lot more confident in my bike-handling now.

I have been thinking, I am stronger than I've ever been but I am not going to get any younger.

I'm having a hard time figuring out if my size will be a disadvantage or not. I'm 5'10ish and 190lbs, albeit not really a fat 190 pounder. A pretty even build - it's not like I have huge legs and skinny arms.

I run half marathons in about 1:43 ish which is pretty fast for my big size I guess. But would I be able to transfer that to being competitive at all on the track?

I also run a lot of steep trails (for those of you in Denver/Boulder, I run Mt. Sanitas and Green Mountain Boulder weekly). I hear that kind of running is great training for cycling.

I also am a commuter and tend to enjoy my uphill ride from work.

So the CS Velodrome has some sort of weird A, B, and C categories, obviously apart from USCF. I think C is the most amateur of them all. Should I start at C? I remember my first race ever (a road race) was a citizen's race as a Junior and I won it no problem and felt a little bit odd about it, like people watching were like, "hey buddy, get out of the citizen's race!". I don't want to repeat that, but I also don't want to get into something I'm not ready for.

I'm comfortable on the track bike. Just not sure how I'll measure up where speed is concerned.



TejanoTrackie 04-30-11 07:47 AM

You are overthinking this, just go out to the track and do it. You will probably have to first take a certification class, since you haven't ridden track for awhile. After that, just start out as a C and move up as appropriate based on your results. There is no such thing as the right track physique, unless you're talking about specializing in some discipline such as match sprints. Also, you're never too old to compete. I'm approaching my 65th birthday and still compete. It all boils down to your motivation to work hard and hurt a bit.

carleton 04-30-11 08:59 AM


You will do much better than you think.

Kayce 04-30-11 09:20 AM

Already having the stamina from distance running you will be ahead of a lot of people. And weight isnt much of an issue at the track. Your muscles will move around if you get more serious on the track than running. But you will definatly start out pretty good with your base fitness.

mcafiero 04-30-11 09:36 AM

Thanks for all the encouragement, I am getting pumped to get back on. Tejano: awesome. I am inspired by people like you

mcafiero 06-15-11 09:57 PM

Raced yesterday - felt great, did pretty good I felt. Going back for a Sprint Tournament this Sat.

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