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kevvwill 05-26-11 03:00 PM

DMT track-specific shoes available
Just sourced a pair from Brooks Cycles in the UK, if anyone's interested.

They have both kinds of DMT track shoes, the Kyomas and the Flash. Same shoe, but the Flash adds a retention strap/buckle. Haven't received them yet, but letting folks know who might be interested. I prefer lace-ups because they facilitate dealing with toe straps. No color other than white, though.

carleton 05-26-11 04:27 PM

I've always been curious to try the DMT track shoes. I like the addition of the ratchet.

kevvwill 06-02-11 07:43 PM

In da house. They fit like SIDIs, a little fuller in the toe box, and narrower in the heel. As you can see from the pic, the strap design is made to not go anywhere. And you can get it TIGHT. Feel very good sockless too, thanks to some fancy-pants liner that DMT uses.

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