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alexwgoody 06-02-11 06:30 PM

Relatively light track wheelset <$1500
I'm looking for a wheelset to outfit my Cervelo T1 track bike, the only thing is that I've found that I am fairly unique in that I will be using my t1 for road time trials and even short triathlons- which is why I had to custom drill for brakes. Due to this I need a track wheelset that will work for the road and track clincher is preferable- but it has to be relatively light- no 2000 gram wheelsets for me. I'd like to spend under $1500- under $1000 would be better. Mavic ellipses and Reynolds sdv66 seem like not terrible options- but they are so heavy. thanks- I'd prefer new rather than old just because I'm sorta picky and don't really want used wheels- will be racing at hellyer

BTW the bike I'm building is so far going to be:
Cervelo T1 frame
likely Easton ec90 track drops
sram omnium cranks (I got some really cheap)
All 2011 new stuff

TWD 06-03-11 08:11 PM

do you flip/flop for SS for tri's and TT's? Seems like you are creating a new category. I think you need more bikes

alexwgoody 06-03-11 08:37 PM

no. I stay fixed- I like riding fixed more than geared for tris and tts

3v1lD4v3 06-04-11 04:22 PM!

Kayce 06-04-11 08:14 PM

Why clincher? Any low profile tubie rim you want built to a good hub will fit withing all your paramiters.

sideshow_bob 06-05-11 07:17 PM

If it was me, I'd get a Zipp 900 disc and have both the track and road axle kits. It's a cinch to swap them over. This approach is only going to work with a tub though.

Front, I'd just pick any 60+ mm road wheel or a 5 spoke, obviously with QR hubs then just use after market Ti bolt on skewers on the track. SDV66, 808 ... there's quite a few options.

Your other option is to buy 3 wheels. 50mm carbon clinchers, one is shared road+track, then rear specific track and road wheels.

kevvwill 06-05-11 11:37 PM

sideshow_bob has the answer. The Zipp 900 disc (you have to buy used, or raise your budget) will allow you to switch between road and track configurations, unless you're talking about running a flip-flop hub with a BMX cog for road events. In that case I would tell you to search for a set of the Reynolds SVD66 track clinchers. They're excellent wheels, light and very, very fast. Also durable, and because they use the same rim as the SDV66 road wheel, you can run brakes, no problem.

New, light and aero for under $1500 the set will be a significant limitation. You can also look at companies such as Williams Wheels, to see what they have.

alexwgoody 06-06-11 11:24 AM

See, I guess I could go tubular- but it is hard/not ideal as I:
have never had tubies before
price $
have extra clincher tires and tons of extra tubes
not even sure I know how to change one out

chas58 06-07-11 09:41 AM

Well, you probably don't want to change tubes on the road in the middle of a 50 mile ride.

I have mavic ellipses. They are not particularlyl light - I wouldn't want to do a lot of hill climbs with them - but they do have a nice top end and work well at the track.

Kayce 06-07-11 11:06 AM

If youre spending so much on a bike and wheels, and have some serious plans with them, if feel like a minor inconvience of learning how to glue some tubies shouldnt be a big issue. They will obviously be your race wheels, so all those tire and tubes you have would still be usefull on your training and warm up wheels.

For serious racing almost all of the disadvantages of tubies dont really apply, and all the advantages are elevated.

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