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my58vw 12-19-04 10:59 PM

Building a Fixed Gear... cheep frame?
Hello all

I am going to be building a fixed speed trainer/commuter and I need a frame. I can not really get used because I am 6-6 and ride 63 cm road, 22 inch MTB frame and they are near imposible to find used. I would like to get a new frame, steel, cromoly, aluminum is fine, just very very cheep as a base of the project. Did I mention cheep and new. I really do not want to spend over say 200 max on the frame seeing I need to get all the other components still.

Ideas? Thanks

bostontrevor 12-20-04 05:13 AM

$200 for a new frame is going to be real hard, certainly without some sale pricing.

IRO can get you going for $250 or $260 depending on which frame you pick.

back2fixie 01-11-05 10:16 AM

find a dealer (l.b.s.) that sells khs, fuji, bianchi. the larger manufacturers will hold a pretty good number of framesets from a season in reserve for warranty replacements. once the 2005's are out for awhile, knowledgeable (and motivated) bikeshops can usually get ahold of the previous years frames at a good discount. start reaching out to shops now, and i would estimate that the frames might be available in a couple of months.

i am a tall rider as well. large track frames are very rare indeed...for starters i would focus on the fuji track, i believe that it is available up to 64 cm (fuji goes c-t) so it is probably a 62...good luck

A3rd.Zero 01-11-05 05:21 PM

I'll second IRO. The Jamie Roy is a nice road geometry with track drops.

If you can get a hold of an eccentric rear hub for nothing check out there are frame on his sight for $55.


fogrider 01-17-05 04:50 PM

here is one for 200 bucks:
but check out the frames section of:
they have a 60cm track frame and carbon fork for 250.

charlesw 01-20-05 03:09 PM

Here is a 62cm road frame for about a hundred including carbon fork.

I'm 6'2" and I feel yer pain.

luckycat 01-20-05 07:24 PM

Watch ebay, frames that big don't come up much, but when they do they often go for fairly cheap. There just isn't that much demand for stuff on the far ends of the size spectrum, I've seen really small frames go for really low prices as well. Sadly I'm about as average as they come, so I can't touch any of it.

icithecat 01-27-05 10:21 PM

Too bad you are so far away. Languishing outside an lbs is one of those Peugot p10s in a size built for a giant. It is in the usual condition, paint chipped all over from garage storage, but with 75 miles on the bike.

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