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Jonny B 01-11-05 05:51 AM

Hour Record on BBC!
I was very impressed with the BBC's coverage of the Manchester round of the World Cup last weekend. Apart from not showing the Kilo final, which a Briton won (don't know who, cos they didn't show it), it was great. But best of all they showed an attempt at the Paralympic Hour Record from double Paralympic champion Darren Kenny (obviously not the whole thing, only gave it about 5 minutes but it was enough). He has cerebral palsy, but is a fantastic rider. He smashed the record by over a kilometer (now 41+ km), but was quite a bit off his schedule and there was an air of dissapointment in the commentators (none other than Chris Boardman, who better to commentate on an Hour attempt?).

But it seems that track racing is gaining in popularity in Britain, what with our fantastic run in Athens and the BBC covering lots of track meets as well as triathlon and the RR Worlds.

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