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Velocirapture 02-05-13 02:03 AM

Track hub issue
Hi people.
I bought myself a lovely set of Pro-Lite Rosa track wheels on a 50% off sale, on CRC. Only problem is they arrived with the front wheel sporting a QR hub.
CRC is happy to take them back, but canít replace the set as they have no more stock (and Iíve already glued a tire on the rear, which has a proper through axel hub.
I canít find the UCI rules for track bikes, but am pretty sure a QR is a no no. Its probably not really safe on the track anyway.
Iím looking into having the hub rebuilt, but perhaps you fine folk can give some input on the UCI rules in the mean time?
Also, an alternative to a hub rebuild would be a cam-less Ďquick release skewerí with bolts on either end Ė I can hear the bigger guys gasping already, as Iím sure this has a major strength and stiffness factor.
But the catch is, Iím only ~124 pounds.
Input from the Enlighted and Experienced will be appreciated.

carleton 02-05-13 03:16 AM

I've used these with no issue:

Be careful not to over tighten it...or find a cap with steel threads (from cheap QR skewers). The Zipp have aluminum threaded caps.

Dalai 02-05-13 03:31 AM

Bolt on skewer is definitely the easiest solution and causes no issues with any overzeolous commissaires of which we have many! Too busy going over the bikes with calipers, scales and test jigs to worry about a bolt on skewer...

Velocirapture 02-05-13 03:44 AM

Awesome, thanks Carleton & Dalai

carleton 02-05-13 03:50 AM


Originally Posted by Velocirapture (Post 15238417)
Awesome, thanks Carleton & Dalai

By the way, I'm a big guy sprinter, too and it was OK for me. I'm in black in the photo below:

The allen-head bolts on some high end wheels like the Mavic Io aren't to be tightened very much either.

Velocirapture 02-05-13 05:22 AM

Cool, thats perfect then. much easier than hassling with rebuilding the hub. I'll definitely be putting less torque through the axel than you are!

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