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fiataccompli 02-18-13 11:38 AM

'72 Fuji track bike - still viable ?
I've been farming out opinions/perspectives on this all over BF and figured it would make sense to do the same here. I am considering picking up a '72 (I'm guessing from cursory research...he bought it used in the early '80s and upgraded the stem/bar/crankset) Fuji track bike. It's a very basic steel bike with fillet brazed construction. He raced it in the '80s and then again for the last couple of years (last raced last summer). I ride/collect/enjoy vintage (road, mostly) bikes and so this bike seemed interesting to me. It was also interesting in terms of trying out track cycling (although that involves travel since we don't have one particularly close-by) which is something I've considered. My question here is probably whether such a bike would be considered viable to at least dabble in track cycling & if so (or even, if not, I guess) if anyone has an idea of a fair value for it? Thanks in advance.

Here is a picture (and there's a couple million more at

Kayce 02-18-13 11:47 AM

If your goal is to race a really cool bike on a recreational level, than it is totally viable. You will have a lot of fun, and if you are fit enough you could for sure win races on it. You will probably need to change the bars and stem around for fit, and maybe change the gearing around some.

As far as track racing goes you are sitting much prettier than lots of people. You have two nice tracks within a decent driving distance, Atlanta and Indy.

fiataccompli 02-18-13 12:18 PM

I guess I should have added it does come with a small array of cogs to change the gearing. And in a very unlikely coincidence The owner and I seem to have a pretty much the exact same fit in a road bike though I don't know how that would translate to track riding.... But it's certainly a better starting point that could be.

hueyhoolihan 02-18-13 02:36 PM

IME track riders are a pretty conservative lot, for good reason. tracks haven't changed much from a functional POV and sanctioning bodies have kept a pretty tight leash on the rules. so riding an old bike, if in nice condition, wouldn't be a problem, socially or competitively i wouldn't think.

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