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wens 04-16-13 07:52 PM

Track Racing Tools
If you were just getting into track what tools would you want?

queerpunk 04-16-13 08:04 PM

In my track sack:
15mm wrench
A full set of hex keys
a lockring tool
a chainwhip
(no chainring bolt tool since my backside bolts are held in place with glue)

Kayce 04-16-13 08:25 PM

You missed a nice floor pump.

Flatballer 04-16-13 08:27 PM

exactly the same as the guy above plus a few things.

floor pump
mechanics gloves (aero spokes and cog teeth are sharp, you'll want these if you slip)
adjustable wrench (for various things, you never know, helped some other people who didn't have 15mm axle nuts)
pair of cutters (cutting zip ties that hold on the transponder thingy mostly)
aero spoke holder
multi tool with spoke wrench
tire levers
park tools grease (for the threads, so you don't seize a cog as easily)

I think that's it. I ride clinchers, so if you ride tubulars just replace the tire levers with spare wheels.

queerpunk 04-17-13 06:10 AM


Originally Posted by Kayce (Post 15519078)
You missed a nice floor pump.

i have one but it's pretty hard to fit in my track sack.

Velocirapture 04-17-13 06:10 AM

a small pot of hand cleaner plus a rag. (in addition to whats already been mentioned)

carleton 04-17-13 05:35 PM

Wens, here is that thread you were looking for:

wens 04-22-13 07:41 PM


Originally Posted by carleton (Post 15522784)
Wens, here is that thread you were looking for:


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