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Murakami 06-05-13 12:34 AM

EAI Cobra carbon frame

Does anyone run one of these? Is it a decent frame. It'd mostly be used for scratch-type races and pursuit.


carleton 06-05-13 12:54 AM

I'm 99% sure that it's the same as the Karbona frame.

It's the standard white label track frames that companies buy and put their name on them.

The head tube angle is 73 degrees. That's pretty slack compared to lots of other track frames. Most are 74 or 74.5 degrees. I can't find info on the fork rake, but it's probably slack, too.

If you decide to get it, don't pay a lot for it.

Murakami 06-05-13 06:30 AM

Thanks Carleton. Yep, have been looking at the chinese versions online. Most are under $700. I'm not too impressed with the front, but the Dolans I'm looking at are twice the price and anything else is more. Maybe I'm better spending the money on a chinese disk wheel and 50mm front for my Track Champion instead.

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