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caloso 06-19-13 11:13 PM

Visiting Northbrook
I'll be visiting relatives in Chicago this July and it turns out my uncle lives just a mile or so from the velodrome in Northbrook. I am a roadie who's always wanted to try the track. It sounds like Monday evenings are the newbie sessions and there are bikes to rent. So I'm going to bring my helmet, pedals, and kit. Anything else I should bring? Anything else I should know?

chi-james 06-20-13 07:15 AM

races on Thursday and Friday I believe.

Cannon 06-20-13 03:32 PM

Fantastic! Yes, new rider training is on Monday and Tuesday nights, with registration around 630 and group warmup starting around 7. The training is really well run and a lot of fun.

Bike rental is free (old Schwinns but perfectly fine for training) but do bring $10 for the registration (covers USAC insurance and all that). Other than that, just the stuff you mentioned and your USAC license is all you need. Cat 5 races are held most Fridays so check that out too if you're interested.

willy704 06-28-13 05:39 PM

If you can, check out Chicago Velo Campus on Chicago's south side. It is a much smaller, and steeper track (166m w/ 50 degree banking) which makes for a pretty exciting ride. The prices there are great and it's never busy. It's 10 for certification (first time you go out, you need to certify), 15 for bike rental (Felt TK3), and 10 for shoes and pedals if you don't have your own.

caloso 06-28-13 05:40 PM

You guys are so lucky.

(Other than about that winter weather, I mean. ;))

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