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carleton 11-14-13 06:02 PM


These frames look remarkably like Tiemeyer frames. It's my understanding that Mr. Tiemeyer might own copyrights to certain designs that he used in his frames. I can't see him being the "litigious type", but if you plan to sell these, maybe it would be cool to chat with him about your frames being inspired by his.

Here is mine:

[email protected] 11-14-13 08:23 PM

(disclaimer, FTW builds lots of bikes for my brand, Spooky, and these intial protos are heading to Spooky's new shop in NYC, I also work out of the back of his shop)

Tiemeyer quit making frames earlier this year. Everybody we've talked to said they were totally radical, so we wanted to make sure we made something that was at least as awesome.

As I'm sure you know the design features of those frames go all the way back to the mid 90's with the GT frames. In fact, the dropouts, seat-tube and seattube topper on your bike are left-over extrusions and forgings from the GT days. As far as it's been related to me Mr. T ran out of parts, so he quit making the bikes.

Frank actually cut up a Tiemeyer while he was putting this thing together: Structurally this bike is completely different but: these dropouts DO use the same inserts as the dozens of Tiemeyer and GT frames out there(because it's the best way to do it).

Basic tube specs!(all custom drawn/tapered and/or butted in Connecticut and hand-formed by FTW in VT):
tt: custom butted swage/tapered single-oval double-butted tt
41.6mmx34.6 to 35mm round

48.6x70.5mm penta at headtube to 76.5x30.7mm airfoil to 70.2x45.75mm penta/D shape at bb shell

76x32mm aero profile shaped to 52x49mm with wheel slot cutout at BB end, penta/D shape at BB shell
weld-in 25.4mm seattube stub with internal reinforcement

custom tapered/butted/formed 1.125" chainstays

SS: 12x25mm compact seatstays

custom CNC machined S.H.I.S. 34/56mm tapered setup for 1.5--->1.125" steer tube
44.5 to 62mm external taper for Serenity 35mm rake tapered fork


custom cnc 9.2mm wide double-shear double sex-bolt interface, 5.4mm wide replaceable steel inserts(use the same interface as existing Tiemeyer/GT).
Essentially, besides the fact that the tubes are pretty dang big on both bikes they couldn't be more different!

TrackMonkey7 11-18-13 06:29 PM

Goodness, those frames look amazing.

ftwelder 12-04-13 05:13 AM

I made some requests for contact info for Tiemeyer in my first post in the track forum (and this thread), went to his website and tried the contact link in an effort to get files for the dropouts then went ahead and RE'd them myself and using a different "everything" anyway. I am a big fan of the Tiemeyer bike. I was also head-hunted by GT to work in Longmont and may have had a chance to work with him or whoever designed the bike but turned it down. I would like to know how the original bike came about and who worked on them but it's out of my hands at this point.

VanceMac 12-22-13 11:39 AM

Mickey or Frank, any photos of these painted or built up? Gorgeous.


Originally Posted by [email protected] (Post 16246403)
I snapped a couple of pictures before I tossed the frames in my car to take them down to heattreat

pretty cool in real life.

[email protected] 12-23-13 09:49 PM


Originally Posted by VanceMac (Post 16351044)
Mickey or Frank, any photos of these painted or built up? Gorgeous.

nothing we can share yet!

VanceMac 11-03-14 12:43 PM

Video: The Welder - Pinkbike

Sixty Fiver 11-03-14 01:04 PM


Originally Posted by ftwelder (Post 16237860)
Interesting, I work on Rory O'reilly's bike many years ago and he had lots of odd race bikes. I am not sure how many were accepted.

Late reply but the issues with UCI acceptance / non acceptance almost warrants some open class, anything goes, racing.


carleton 11-03-14 03:42 PM



Dalai 11-04-14 12:28 AM

Nice little video of your work and history in the industry FTWelder! :thumb:

carleton 03-02-15 11:36 PM

Frank, where are yooooouuu...?

Tell us about your new track frame!

taras0000 03-02-15 11:49 PM

I emailed Frank. Hopefully he replies back here with some info. It's been a long time since I have been this excited about someone making a bike.

McRussellPants 03-03-15 12:09 AM

bike frame builders are so awesome at getting wide/flat aluminum beads on what I'd guess is pretty thin material. wish that would transfer to the racing community, car dudes aluminum welding is boring.

ftwelder 03-03-15 09:01 AM

Hi!~ how are you guys? Thanks for the kind words! I filled the requests I got for two frames and in the mean time the company that drew the tubes closed it's doors. In addition, 2.5" diameter .065" wall tube seems not to be available. I have a seat tube and a down tube and may be dropouts left.

I like this one made from the outtakes. I don't have to look at myself talking LOL. 021 by frankthewelder, on Flickr

.050/.058/.065 wall for these welds

carleton 03-03-15 09:16 AM

Those welds are smooth like butter.

Do you think you might be able to find another supplier and make these on a regular basis? I've already commissioned a frame for this season. But maybe next year...

Hida Yanra 03-03-15 01:41 PM


taras0000 03-03-15 11:41 PM

You can find a lot of Frank's work on flickr, his blog, and facebook. His abilities as a craftsman truly transcend the art of framebuilding. He machines his own dies to form and shape tubes, repairs old arabic flintlock musket parts, makes custom parts for motorcycles,...

Perfect mix of art, genius, and skill.

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