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PacNWviaFL 10-25-13 02:00 PM

Need to Scratch or Score Rear Dropout?
Building up a Blue TR250, and the polished aluminum rear dropouts are very smooth. Do I need to score or otherwise scratch them up to ensure bolt adhesion? Really don't want to drop a chain. Thanks.

carleton 10-25-13 04:21 PM

Is the dropout new, damaged?

Pics would help.

Without seeing it, a chain tug would definitely solve the potential problem, but the can be time consuming to use.

Brian Ratliff 10-25-13 05:03 PM

If it's aluminum, you don't need to do anything. The steel fixing bolts will take care of that for you. If it is polished stainless steel, a "chain tug" might be in order.

Quinn8it 10-25-13 08:01 PM

Had a look at the frame-

You do not need to treat those dropouts..

if the bike is new- you are all good. and if it is old and the dropouts are trashed- replace them.

magiccx 11-18-13 08:53 PM

This last season I started to pull my wheel over during really hard efforts. Kinda just all of the sudden started to happen. Put some tugs on, broke the drive side one. Ended up scoring the drop out and that fixed things.... then I figured I should de grease the drop outs. After some 91% rubbing alcohol I was shocked how much my drive side dropout was dirty. It looked clean, it felt clean... Lesson learned, de-grease first. Guessing some chain lube and oils from my hands where the true issue. I've changed my chain to locate the axle on a different part of the drop out not scored and have not been able to shift the wheel since cleaning the drop outs. Now I carry gloved and alcohol with and dab the drop outs clean when changing wheels at the track. I have an Argon 18 E99 so a different frame, but keeping things clean is still a good idea.

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