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queerpunk 11-01-13 08:06 AM

Manchester World Cup livestreaming this weekend (Nov 1-3)
Hi folks.
Manchester World cup is going on.

Here's a link to the UCI livestream on youtube:

It's georestricted so you can't watch it in the US, but if you download the Hola plugin for your browser, you can set your virtual location to a different country and get access.

Here's the schedule of events:

And some live reporting:

Woolly Mammoth 11-01-13 10:00 AM

I downloaded hola, where do you go afterwards to change your country?

queerpunk 11-01-13 10:33 AM

it puts a little icon in your browser.
go to the webpage you want to go to. then click on the icon, turn Hola on, and it will either change your country or give you a couple options. then reload the page.

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