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juvi-kyle 03-10-05 06:39 PM

Pista Concept Headset Question?
I was just wondering if the Campy hiddenset will fit on the Pista Concept.

Chazzmeister 03-10-05 11:48 PM

I might be corrected on this...but I think the pista concept comes with an installed integrated headset. Did you want to take that out and install the campag?

juvi-kyle 03-11-05 12:10 AM

The 2003 comes whith a cane creek integrated headset, but it is just not living up to the hype. Just not to fond of integrated headsets period. But I have to work with what I got. So when the time comes I was going to upgrade to the campy hiddenset if possible.

yojimblab 03-11-05 06:39 AM

Just stick with stock. The cartridge bearings are replacable... So make sure they're properly adjusted and in a few years when they're trashed out- just get the bearing cartridges replaced. The stock set up shouldn't cause any problems as long as the head tube, steerer tube and headset cups are in good shape.

New to town eh? Are you taking your bike up to the tracks this summer?

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