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JMR 11-28-13 01:25 AM

Broken Hand... need training advice
Unfortunately, about a week ago I was taken out in a Crit race and I snapped the metacarpal in my thumb. :(

Bad timing as our Elite State track titles started last night.

Anyway, I have had surgery (plate and screws) but the Doc says 8 weeks off the bike.

So I need some advice as to what trainer sessions to do and gym work that doesn't involve my hand at all (so no deadlifts or squats, but leg press is OK).

I want to gain as much strength and lose as little speed as I can over the 8 weeks.



Baby Puke 11-28-13 01:29 AM

Work the trainer with aerobars on?

JMR 11-28-13 04:58 AM

Yep, got a fluid trainer setup with aerobars on.


Pantani98 11-28-13 04:24 PM

I had wrist surgery 2 years ago. I continued to ride the trainer, basically just sitting up pedaling. You can do extensions, curls, and leg press in the gym. The trainer and aerobars sounds like a good idea. Let me just add this. One thing I had to be carefully was putting too much strain on my wrist so I tried to avoid anything that caused stress or twisting on my wrist. Sucks about the surgery but don't let the fitness go away. Heal up quick!

Quinn8it 11-28-13 05:50 PM

JMR 11-28-13 06:14 PM

Good setup! I don't quite need anything that extreme though.

BT wind trainer... very nice.


Pantani98 11-28-13 08:17 PM

now THAT is hardcore!

Dalai 11-29-13 03:22 AM

That's Jono - local racer who competes in the National Road series. Has a habit of being involved in bad injuries. The above photo was taken after one of his broken collarbones. Best wreck was when he was racing in China...

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