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Dolamite02 12-10-13 03:36 PM

DA 7600 Crank, BB suggestions
I'm running an 09 Bianchi Pista, and have just picked up a Dura Ace 7600 crankset. I don't have much experience with square taper BB, and hope someone can point me in the right direction. I'm not looking to skimp on the BB, I'd like something that will go the distance and roll smooth. I understand that there's some confusion with ISO vs JIS tapers with these cranks, but don't know enough to decipher it. Any suggestions?

Baby Puke 12-10-13 03:57 PM

Sugino 75

Not the Slowest 12-11-13 08:18 AM

The Sugino 75 is pretty much the BEST and most READILY available in the market for a square Track BB. The plus is that with the loose bearing design it can be easily maintained plus you can swap to ceramic bearings if so choose ( that is another thread ).

I have a DA BB maybe a 7410. They are rare but can be found if you're lucky.

Good luck


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