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carleton 01-16-14 05:13 PM

2013-14 UCI World Cup III, Guadalajara, MEX
Starts Friday 17 January

Start Lists and Results:

Woolly Mammoth 01-17-14 10:24 AM

Does anyone know on any streaming options? Thanks.

Kayce 01-17-14 12:13 PM

The French brought out a killer Team Sprint crew.

carleton 01-17-14 12:46 PM

I am saddened by the fact that this World Cup is literally within driving distance of the USA and we are only sending 1 man and 4 women to compete.

From Los Angeles, it is:

- A 3 hour flight that costs 300USD/220EUR
- A 25 hour drive

Seriously, it will take more time and cost more money to send racers from the West Coast of the USA to Rock Hill, South Carolina for the Elite National Championships than it will to go to this World Cup!

Even if we aren't planning on doing well or sending a team to the World Championships in Cali ($600 and 8hr flight), we should still send them for the experience.

carleton 01-17-14 01:20 PM


Men's Team Pursuit, Qualifying
Women's Team Pursuit, Qualifying
Men's Team Sprint, Qualifying
Women's Team Sprint, Qualifying
Women's Scratch Race, Qualifying

Women's Team Pursuit, Finals
Men's Team Sprint, Finals
Men's Team Pursuit, Finals
Women's Scratch Race, Final
Women's Team Sprint, Finals
Men's Points Race, Final

Dalai 01-17-14 11:37 PM


Originally Posted by Woolly Mammoth (Post 16418701)
Does anyone know on any streaming options? Thanks.

UCI Youtube channel has a placeholder with timer -

Not sure about the quality of the track cycling footage, but have been watching the CX World Cup events in full. They are streamed live and then available to watch the entire race later.

carleton 01-18-14 03:39 AM

I just noticed LOTS of team sprint relegations on the men's results. 3 in qualifying and 1 in the minor final.

Dalai 01-18-14 05:03 AM


Originally Posted by Dalai (Post 16420747)
UCI Youtube channel has a placeholder with timer -

Did a bit more investigating. suggests "Only Sunday's final day (January 19) of round 3 will be streamed live, at least in part..... Sunday, January 19 starting at 5:30pm local (6:30pm U.S. Eastern or 12:30am CET). (geo-restricted)"

Woolly Mammoth 01-18-14 07:16 PM

It looks like some of the event is going to be on universal sports on Tuesday @ 3pm

Baby Puke 01-19-14 06:31 PM

Some fast kilo times, top three under 1:00! Interesting splits on the winner, Sunderland. Was only 7th at 500m.

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